We are a Portuguese company founded in 1998, with headquarters in Vila do Conde, Portugal. Our company focuses on the development and production of electronic equipments with GSM and GPS technologies.?

We develop vehicle localization devices, fleet management systems, fuel anti-theft devices for machines and trucks, GSM communicators, among others.

We have our solutions installed, for example, in civil construction companies, security companies, transportation and distribution of goods, among others. Of the various products and solutions we have developed, we highlight Frotasoft, GPS fleet management system, and NVAuto, a vehicle security system for personal use, pioneer in the market to provide the location with the name of the street.


Our main goal is to acquire an increasingly fast and efficient manufacturing process. The success of our Company is based on the ability to develop successively new products, with differentiating characteristics and added value. We seek to develop innovative products, services and solutions that fully meet the market needs and generate superior economic value.

We also want to expand and progressively internationalize. We want to expand our Company and find distributors that ensure the commercialization of our products in other countries. We work daily to maintain differentiating elements that allow us to create competitive advantage and take the Company across borders. The variety and quality of our products has already allowed us to conquer several international reference markets such as Angola, Brazil. Mozambique and Switzerland.


We have at our disposal all the necessary resources and machinery with advanced technology that allows us to be the only players involved in the entire process of our solutions, from conception, production and marketing. Our team has qualified and specialized human resources in the software and hardware engineering fields, which contribute with the technical and scientific know-how. Nothing is produced out of doors, and, by this way, we can guarantee our products the high quality standards.

We also produce outsourced for other companies. We are, in many cases, sought after to develop customized solutions, marketed to other reputed brands. This differentiation allows us to always be at the forefront of innovation and development of new applications for our systems.